I only blinked several times before my laptop keys, pressing my brain to think what i should write. Then it crossed my mind.

To everyone who came across this blog, I AM SORRY. I apologize, for i WON’T respond to any of my naruto-related posts. It is not that i come to hate this anime. I emphasize, i do not come to hate it but LIFE forces me to abandon it. I don’t read comics as often, actually i haven’t read naruto for these past years. Even title sounds unfamiliar to me. I am sorry, i will explain why later. However, i am still me, and it was me who created this blog. I still miss this piece of my trace time to time, although it has been 6 years since this blog writes its existence.

Back then, it was a big thing for me, i was totally immersed in this blogging world. But now, i barely think of this thing and the main point is; I’VE CHANGED. Not negatively, i think. It is just that i learn new things, i get more responsibility to take care of, i have my future to think of and i am still struggling.

I changed this blog theme, slogan, and title; then the header just disappeared automatically before i had the time to save it 😦

I’d been contemplating to keep or delete all the posts that belong to this blog. i dont want people who comment here keep waiting for my reply when i know i could never afford it. But to be honest here, the posts were my work even if it was bland, lacking in many ways, but after all those are still mine. Written originally, for i never copy another people’s work. I still cringe often when i read my own writings.. So, what did i think at the time i begin to run this blog?? Just simply because i was a naruto addict. Erm, now that i think about it, i am so silly. But at that time, i think that was cool! And i never regret it B-) hahahhah..

Earlier, i said that LIFE is forcing me to abandon trivial things like this blog. So actually, what kind of life i live on? Don’t imagine that i have to work day and night while enrolling in a college. I am not that busy. It is just my priority doesn’t include blogging anymore 😀

I am currently an engineer student. When my junior in high school ask me, what kind of subject i am majoring, i will answer it directly and most of people who hear that, CRINGE. Hahahaha… Yes, I am a Chemical Engineering student. Before enrolling, i didn’t know exactly what does ChemEng department teach in college. I thought it will be like

A + B —> C + D

but then, what do i know? it is more like:
what  chemical engineers actually do

knowing that, i feel that i’ve made a wrong decision to be a ChemEng major. I was depressed when i began my second semester.. until now, i never really like this area. But i learn to cope with it. Bear with it. And another hope comes along with the beginning of my third semester. I chose Environmental Science and Technology as my concentration in Chemical Engineering department. And this is my turn point. This is it. I feel that this is the area of my expertise. I hope everything will go smoothly as i expected…